Hicks & Hides Cognac Cartridge Bag


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An impeccably finished calf leather cartridge bag, what more could you want to keep your favourite cartridge stored on a days shoot? And with optional personalisation; featuring both spent cartridge tops, and initials, this product makes the perfect present, either to someone special, or even yourself… Search ‘Savoy Gun Slip to find its perfect partner in crime…

Bag carries up to 100 12bore and 125 20bore cartridges. Any size queries please call.

25cm (L) X 21CM (W) X 11.5cm (D)

We consider our cognac leather to be the most stylish and smarter finish out of the two. We would recommend using our Nubuck Range for heavy use, as it is designed to be more hardwearing than the cognac due to it’s natural wax finish. The Nubuck leather repels rain and adds a certain degree of protection from day to day terrain, it is also easily restorable using our saddle soap. The Cognac leather however is less forgiving and will show marks easier and cannot be exposed to extreme weather. We cannot be liable for the wear and tear of your product due to this being a natural material. With our Cognac Gun slips and Cartridge Bags we supply a water proofing spray that does help protect this product, we recommend re-applying this spray after every three to five uses.

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