Hicks and Hides is an independent, family-run business based in the Cotswolds, founded in 2010 by Bridie Hicks. The company designs and manufactures unique country-wear accessories from its small workshop in Broadway. Hicks and Hides’ distinctive designs incorporate spent shotgun cartridge tops used in shooting. Bridie was only 17 years old when she turned her passion of craft and country pursuits into a business. 7 years on, and she has created a country-wear icon recognised both locally and nationally.

From the age of 9, Bridie loved nothing more than going beating with her father, and did so every week after attending Saturday School for dyslexia. Bridie has always been passionate about Shoe Design and had planned to go into the industry professionally. As a child, Bridie would collect spent shotgun shells after beating and incorporate them in her footwear models. Even at such a young age, Bridie’s eye for unique design was spectacular; she saw potential in something many others overlooked. For Bridie, it really was a case of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’!

Unfortunately, an accident prevented Bridie attending college for Shoe Design. It was at this point that she realised she would have to go down a different career path. A meeting with local saddler, Sean Hall, taught Bridie how to make a belt. It was as simple as that. This singular meeting triggered the pivotal moment, and the ‘eureka’ idea – Bridie could integrate the spent shot gun shells into belt design!